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Assorted Condiments in Wooden Boxes

Assorted Condiments in Wooden Boxes

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✓ Made in France by chef Philippe Bellan
✓ Made from authentic ingredients: preservative-free
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ 100% artisanal

This "handmade" recycled wood box contains :
Citrus oil (macerated)
Verjus (pasteurized green grape juice)
Maquis spice blend

Composition : Maquis spice blend : Marigold petals, wild garlic, hyssop, rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon balm, fennel, oregano, savory, chives, coriander leaves.
Citrus oil : Organic sunflower oil (French origin), extra-virgin olive oil, zest of combawa, of orange, of lemon and  of yuzu.
Verjuice: Organic Gamay grape juice, salt, sugar

I use these condiments them to season everyday dishes, together or separately.
Together, they make a perfect dressing for salads and raw vegetables.
Separately, my citrus zest macerate is ideal for seasoning steamed fish or grilled meats.
My Maquis spice blend is composed of 12 aromatic plants and flowers, Sprinkled on a quiche, a vegetable jardinière or roast poultry, it changes everything.  Verjuice is an acidic grape juice that replaces vinegar on all occasions.

Packaging :                                                                                                Hand-made" recycled wood crate.
Glass "huilier" type bottles with spout.
4-part cardboard labels
Glass test tube with cork stopper.

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