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"Verjuice" Gamay from Beaujolais

"Verjuice" Gamay from Beaujolais

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✓ Made in France by chef Philippe Bellan 

✓ Made from authentic ingredients: preservative-free

✓ Eco-friendly 

✓ 100% artisanal

Ingredients: Juice from Gamay organic Beaujolais grapes, salt, sugar

"Verjuice" is a green, highly acidic fruit juice.
The Romans planted vines and then used verjuice, a green and acidic condiment made from grapes harvested in summer.
In the Middle Ages, verjuice reigned supreme in the kitchen, where lemon was still unknown. The Larousse cookbook cites "verjuice" mustard as giving
"a better flavor than vinegar".
My condiment is made from pruned grapes harvested from organically grown Gamay vines in the Beaujolais region.
The juice obtained after pressing is lightly seasoned and then pasteurized.

For best results, store in a cool place and reseal after each use

25 cl colored glass bottle with a cork stopper and a measuring spout for easy use.
4-panel cardboard label attached with a linen string

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