The Popote is a small, artisanal, family-run business from France, established in 2012 by Philippe Bellan, a chef and the company's leader.

Chef Philippe began his culinary journey in 1975 in Michelin-starred establishments, gaining invaluable experience, professional values, and a distinct temperament along the way.

In March 2012, he founded The Popote to pioneer innovative cooking classes in Tarare, a quaint town nestled halfway between Lyon and Roanne. In response to customer demand, the establishment quickly evolved into a restaurant and delicatessen. In 2016, Philippe's son Mathieu joined him, ensuring the legacy of the brand, which has been meticulously crafted around the pursuit of excellent taste and attention to detail.

The culinary creations of The Popote reflect the seasoned chef's passion for diverse cuisines. From spices and condiments to teas and herbal infusions, these ingredients inspire him to push boundaries and create culinary delights rooted in his extensive knowledge.

Drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature and committed to their preservation, this versatile artisan chef shares a deep appreciation for the timeless values of gastronomy: the satisfaction of a job well done, the harmonious balance of flavors, and the refined art of presentation.