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Herbal Tea "Kir Champêtre", loose leaf

Herbal Tea "Kir Champêtre", loose leaf

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✓ Made in France by chef Philippe Bellan
✓ Made from authentic ingredients: preservative-free
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ 100% artisanal

Composition : Organic blackcurrant leaf, organic mallow flower, organic grape marc, combawa leaf, natural blackcurrant flavor.

"Kir Champêtre" a soothing blackcurrant-flavored herbal tea. Its name is inspired by the Burgundian aperitif, Kir, a blend of white Burgundy wine and crème cassis. The infusion is lightly tinged with the violet of Gamay grape marc and mallow flowers.
A sweet blackcurrant aroma emanates from the infusion, and the fruity taste on the palate makes you forget it's a herbal decoction.

Kraft bag with window and labeled with instructions for use.

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