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"Hunter's salt" spice

"Hunter's salt" spice

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✓ Made in France by chef Philippe Bellan
✓ Made from authentic ingredients: preservative-free
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ 100% artisanal

Composition : Djibouti salt pearls, trumpet of the dead (Craterellus cornucopioides), garlic semolina, The Popote truffle oil (macerate), vegetable black charcoal

Fine pearls from Djibouti's Lake Assal, coated with my truffle oil and dried trumpets of the dead (Craterellus cornucopioides), make a condiment for the table.

Packaging :
Glass jar with mechanical closure and 4-panel cardboard label attached with a linen string.
Kraft zipper bag labeled with product composition

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