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"Matcha Tea and Lychee" Powdered Drink

"Matcha Tea and Lychee" Powdered Drink

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✓ Made in France by chef Philippe Bellan
✓ Made from authentic ingredients: preservative-free
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ 100% artisanal

Ingredients: Organic superior matcha green tea from Japan, citric acid, natural lychee flavor, turmeric powder, chlorophyll green natural coloring (E141).

Matcha tea, or “ground tea”, is a very fine green tea powder.
It is associated with the tea-serving ceremony in Japan.
For my recipe, I chose a top-quality organic matcha from Kagoshima district. 
The slightly bitter, lychee-scented green tea, diluted in very cold water, provides a sweet, thirst-quenching refreshment.         
Gradually mix 1 bag of powder with 1 liter of cold water.
Serve immediately in tall glasses garnished with ice cubes.
The plant fibers in the tea are not dissolved by the water and form a light deposit.
Store the drink in the fridge and shake before serving.

This powder flavors and gives a green color to cake batter, cold milk and whipped cream. 
Add this fragrant mixture to vanilla ice cream for an original treat.
Make a light syrup with a little of my powdered drink to accompany a summer fruit tart. 
This lychee matcha tea syrup is a delight on fresh apricots and peaches cut into small pieces. 
To convince yourself of the quality and many uses of this product in patisserie, order your sample!

Recyclable cardboard box containing 3 x 100g biodegradable bags and 1 drink presentation and use sheet.
Sample packaged in a biodegradable bag.

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